1. Check how fast your current Broadband speed is

Download the “Speedtest” App onto your Mobile Phone to see what Broadband speed you have coming into your business or home. Once you have downloaded the App run the test 3 times in an area that is near to your Broadband router. If your Download speed is less than 80Mbps then you have either FTTC or ADSL Broadband. To get faster landline Broadband speed you will need to upgrade to FTTP Full Fibre however this is not yet available throughout the country so click on the link below to see when your postcode is scheduled to be upgraded:

Where and when we're building Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband | Openreach

If FTTP Full Fibre is not planned for your postcode for a number of years then it is still possible to improve your Broadband speed either using 5G/4G technology or a Business Leased Line. Contact us to check which services your postcode has today:

2. 5G/4G Broadband gives you the flexibility of taking it anywhere you go

Unlike landline Broadband services which are fixed to an individual office or home a 5G/4G router can be taken with you wherever you go. Therefore if you have work or live in multiple locations a 5G/4G router means you only have to pay for one Broadband service rather than multiple services that are not being frequently used. In addition you can also get 5G/4G Mobile WiFi devices that are battery operated so you can use your 5G/4G service when you are on the train, on the bus or in any location that doesn’t have a WiFi service. Contact us about our comprehensive range of 5G/4G router and mobile wifi device options.

3. Once you’ve improved the speed you might also have to address your WiFi coverage

If your office or home covers a large area, has thick internal walls and/or there are external buildings that you need to get connected then you will have to ensure you have increased WiFi coverage throughout your premises or property. There are many solutions available from hard wired ethernet cabled solutions, WiFi mesh and powerline systems, outdoor access points and point-to-point systems – it’s about choosing the right option for your office or home. Contact us to arrange a Connectivity Assessment.


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